Tochu Green


What's special about TOCHU GREEN

100%Japan Made Tochu Green Leave powder product.

Since almost 100% of the Tochu Tea in the world is made in China, Tochu product that is purely made in Japan is almost impossible to find. We guarantee that we use only the finest Japan made Tochu in our product.

Zero Additives

Most all of the tea powder sold in the world has additives to inflate quantity of the product or due to bag filling procedure. We are proud to say that Tochu Green has absolutely Zero Additives. The only thing that will go into your body is Tochu and water!

Non Caffeine

Because it is Non Caffeine you can drink it whenever you like, regardless of which time of the day you choose to drink your Tochu Green. Tochu Green is very health conscious and you can enjoy it anytime of the day.

Naturally 100% Organic

Tochu Tree is a very rare breed of trees. Because of the rubber texture in Tochu called Gutta Percha, the Tochu tree doesn’t attract insects. That is why the Tochu used in Tochu Green is naturally 100% Organic.

It's not Tochu Tea,it's Tochu Green Leaf Powder

Even if you search all around the world, you will find Tochu Tea (which is brown color) but almost no Tochu Green Leave (green, just like maccha) powder product. Instead of roasting the Tochu to make tea, we use special procedure so that the color won’t turn brown and so that the nutrition will be higher than Tochu teas.

Characteristics of Tochu Characteristics of Tochu

Tochu Green and  I

I felt that I needed Tochu Green, because my body told me so…

Tochu Green Representitive Maiko Wada

The dramatic encounter with Tochu Green begun with one simple conversation I had with a colleague of mine. “There is something about this Tochu that effects us some how…”.
The reason I was attracted to Tochu Green, is hard to explain in words. But if I had to , I would say, I felt that I needed Tochu Green because my body told me so.

Tochu Green is not any old regular Eucomia Tea or any tea that you can find in markets around the world. Although it is from Tochu Tea Leaf, since it is not roasted like most teas, the taste is very mild and the color and the flavor is close to Maccha (green tea powder). Tochu is originally from China, so even in Japan, most of the Tochu Teas that are sold are from China. But the Tochu Green leave powder that I tasted was purely made in Japan. Since it is made in a similar way as Maccha (Green Tea powder), you can only find this type of
Tochu powder in Japan. Even in Japan you rarely find Tochu powder, because it is extremely difficult to process into powder for the rubber like substance called Gutta-percha included in Tochu. Not like other regular teas which you drink by boiling or brewing the leaves, you can drink the whole leave by stirring the powder into water. And since it has no additives and the powder is purely made from Tochu, you can take in everything Tochu can offer from drinking Tochu Green.

I’m always looking for new products which I can offer to those who I love. Some products go, and some products stay. Tochu Green is a “Keeper””!! I know it, and my family knows it and my friends know it. I’m sure you would agree with me if you try.

I hope your body tells you the need of Tochu, just like I did…